Who Qualifies for Home Health Care?
To qualify for home health services, the client must have a medical need for the skilled services of a nurse or therapist. They must meet Medicare’s definition of homebound. The client may be temporarily homebound due to illness, injury, or surgical procedure, this only means that leaving home is a taxing effort. 

Anthem Healthcare must also receive a physician’s orders to provide home health services.

Once a request from the physician or the client is received, Anthem Healthcare will coordinate with the physician directly. 

We can provide home health services in the privacy of the client's home as well as in assisted living facilities.

Please contact Anthem Healthcare for further information, to schedule a free in-home nursing assessment or if you or someone you know may benefit from our services.  Please visit the “Contact Us” and “Online Referral” sections of this web site or contact us at 210-893-2468.